Monday, January 18, 2010

shin and lower leg tribal tattoo design


A quick update on the tattoo design I showed you earlier. It's the lower leg tattoo (knee to ankle) in a tribal mixed style. I really enjoyed this design for some reason. It has a great symmetry, which makes the tattoo look nice and clean. This morning I finished the first pencil sketch and sent it to my customer.

Here's a preview of the tattoo design:

shin calf lower leg tribal maori tattoo designsI'm also working on a large number of tattoo designs for my portfolio.
If everything works out, I'll upload the new designs to my webshop in March or April.
The plan is to have around 30 or 40 new images that can be purchased online. The first 5 sketches have already been drawn and worked out. The first tattoos are for the forearm and have some nice realistic feathers incorporated.

Kind regards, Mark Storm


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