Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tattoos For Girls

In the old days tattoos were worn mainly by men. Typically you would see them on bikers or sailors or military men. Now tattoos are becoming more and more main stream. Now it is very common to see girls with a tattoo. In this article we will discover which ones are good tattoos for girls and where are the best places for girls to get inked.

Most of the ones you see on girls tend to be smaller and obviously more feminine in nature. Some of the more common ones are butterfly tattoos (probably the most popular), star tattoos, heart tattoos, fairy tattoos and tribal tattoos. Some other popular female designs are dolphin tattoos, dragon tattoos and Celtic tattoos. As you can see a lot of these designs, such as fairy and butterfly tattoos are more on the feminine side. However some women go for the more masculine tattoos such as dragon tattoos. It just comes down to personal preference.

Now that you know the what some of the popular tattoos for girls are let's find the popular places to put them. One of the more popular places for women to get inked is on their lower back. These tattoos on the lower back are commonly referred to as "tramp stamps". Other popular places are on the foot, the ankle, the wrist, and the back of the neck. Some even opt to put their design on their shoulder or upper arm. As you can there are several popular places to chose from if you want to "follow the crowd" with your tattoo destination choice.

Women also have a more choices then do men, with their choice of design. They can go with a design that is every bit as masculine as any man's design or, as stated above, go with a nice feminine design. They can go with black and white coloring or almost any other color they wish. And they can get inked almost anywhere on their body and have it look good and tasteful.

As you can see there are many different tattoos for girls. There are also many places and design option for the lady to choose from when they go to the tattoo parlor.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guest Spot in St.Louis

As a heads-up to my clients, and on the slight chance that some folks from the area have seen my work, and are interested in a Tattoo, I will be working at Iron Age Tattoo in St.Louis, Missouri From the 28th of August until the 2nd of September. I'll be taking walk-ins for the most part, so come by and see me! Very big thanks to Caleb and Kyle at Iron Age. St.Louis is a great City with awesome people, and I can't wait to get up there and do some work!

Camera One...

Ben picks really cool designs- like this antique accordion camera...'Nuff said.


I don't know what to say about Tommy's new design except, "Pick Tattoos like this one!" Rad Imagery + Proper Placement x Brilliant Palette = Mega-Fun.

The Red Baron.

Gary came all the way from Pittsburgh for a Tattoo of the Red Baron's plane a few weeks ago. Initially, the idea was to illustrate the Baron's more famous Triplane- but, as I found through a small bit of internet perusal, his most well known vehicle was more for show than anything else, and added to his arsenal of quite a few planes much later in his career as a pilot. It was apparent at that point that a bit more research was in order- an aspect of tattooing that I've been enjoying more and more as of late. It turns out Manfred von Richthofen, a highly decorated WWI fighter pilot, actually made his start as a bit of a hack. It wasn't until a flight he made against orders through a huge storm, where he nearly perished, that he realized his folly and began to step up his game. It was at this point that he began shooting down plane after plane- and although he was a stunt-pilot by no means- he developed his signature takedown maneuver wherein he would lure his opponents to a position where the sun was behind his plane, rendering him nothing but a silhouette against the sky and very hard to see. It was also  around the same time that he painted his plane red for the first time- and Albatross DIII biplane that earned him his famous moniker- shown here on Gary's chest...

A Proper Lady...

Everything about this design made it fun! I know I've said it before, but Pretty Ladies have always and always will make great Tattoos. This fella sat like a real champion for his, and healed his piece just right, too- everything pictured here besides the skin tone is healed and solid! Thanks, Skavenger Brandon, for doing it right, on top of being a proper dude!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tattoos For Women

If I asked you which were the highest growth industries in the U.S during the last twenty years or so you would be likely to immediately think of such things as the internet and the health/fitness industries and of course you would be right. However you may be surprised to learn that way up there with those giants would be the humble tattoo industry.

Body adornment in the form of tattooing is of course an ancient form of personal decoration which has been used to both assert one's individuality within a group and also to mark oneself out as a part of a group within a larger group, for example for members within the same military unit or for gang members. Although traditionally seen as a male habit the first recorded example of tattooing is of an Egyptian High Priestess with tattooed arms dating back to 2000 B.C. and in fact it is estimated that the ratio of female / male tattoos performed in the U.S today is approximately 60 / 40 in favor of the ladies!

So why has there been this change in attitude towards tattoos for women? A major factor is the change in the U.S economy over the last twenty or thirty years from one based on male dominated heavy industry to a more service based and female friendly one. Previously tattoos were associated with male dominated 'blue collar' workers which put most women off getting a tattoo in the same way as even the most 'reconstructed' male today would find it difficult to carry a handbag however convenient they are.

Accompanying the rise in female employment has been the rise of today's ' celebrity' culture. Many of these high profile women sport a large variety of tattoos which have served not only to add a sense of glamour to the art of tattooing but have helped tattoos for women to become more socially acceptable.
Which types of tattoo do women tend to go for? The most common tattoos for women are nature or mythology based, most commonly of flowers or fairies. Women tend to choose a tattoo design which will complement their body shape, typically in a flowing pattern whereas men tend to make a statement with their tattoos and wear it more like a badge.

A common time for women to get a tattoo is to mark a major event in their lives such as a birth or marriage/divorce. If you are considering getting a tattoo there are many websites to surf where you can not only get some ideas about the design or location of your tattoo but can see examples to help you decide if it will really work on you.

The growth of the market in tattoos for women has been a modern phenomenon. A 2006 study by the American Institute of Dermatology found that 24% of Americans have at least one tattoo and whilst a high 83% of them said they didn't regret it, should that ever occur the widespread availability of laser and light removal techniques has removed any concerns you may have for even the most personal tattoos. Safe, fun and sexy, it has never been a better time to decorate yourself with your own beautiful tattoos ladies!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Real Big Fish.

Here's a Koi tattoo that was actually done over six months ago. I was really stoked to finally get a photo, and can't wait to keep working on it. I see a Dragon in the near future.....hmmmmmmm.......

It's Not a Real Tattoo Unless There's a Knife Through It!

Someone that I learned a lot from taught me that! This sweet banger is on Dan, who has many other tattoos featured on this blog. He really can pick a nice design. Thanks, Dan!


I don't know what to say about Tommy's new design except, "Pick Tattoos like this one!" Rad Imagery + Proper Placement x Brilliant Palette = Mega-Fun.

A Lady, a Tiger, and the other kind of Beast...

Here are a couple from the past week. Lady-eating Tiger on Dan. Baphomet on Josh. Growling ensues!

We're Five!

This month marks the Fifth anniversary of Flying Tiger Tattoo's existence. Big thanks go out to all of our friends and cohorts, everyone who has ever worked with us (in-shop or abroad), and, most importantly, our customers! You have all made this an awesome time- despite some truly rough turns!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tattoos Tattoo Designs

Female Tattoo Design Inspirations, Women Tattoo Design

Popular Female Tattoo Designs Gallery 9 Popular Female Tattoo Designs

Female Tattoo Designs

Female Tattoo Designs

Art female tattoo gallery - Ready Sense

Esther Hanuka Tattoo Design Lady

  My tattoo represent my life the inside is a pic of me being a bad girl devilish style tattoo because it represents how i was feeling during my divorce and the outside of my arm is me with angel wings with my eyes closed and that means i learned to b happy on my own and i don't need anyone ;) the bottom half is cartoon characters that represent each one of my kids i had while i was married .. and then on the bottom of my wrist is my mothers name in Hebrew because with out her I wouldn't be here ;) ..I also have my fathers name on my other wrist since they are the closest people to my heart aside from my kids and fiancee.:)Every one of my tattoos have deep meaning to them my starts on my lower stomach is what my name means in Hebrew ...I plan on getting more but cant tell u what it will b its a surprise ;) xoox

Cute Tattoo Designs for Women

I’ve noticed, women I know are excited to experiment and explore with extrodianay tattoo art and are getting unbelieable tattoo designs and beautiful tattoos that can blow you away. AND in a minute I gonna share my big tattoo secret sure to make a gal rocket into tattoo bliss, with delight. 

Women like pretty stuff, no surprise here. Tattooing is no exception. 

Talk about provoking, mind-blowing and heart-stopping…Whoaaaa… dude!

My gal insists on having tattoos on her lower back, stomach, breasts and other under exposed body parts. (so so, -Nice, too)

Yeah, the world of female tattoos is just Amazing...

Get this...blues great Janis Joplin had a wristlet and a small heart on her left boob, by the amazing tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle...- sweeeet.

Let’s take a deeper plunge into the subject and find out when and how the art of tattooing became an invigorating part of a Gurl’s life.

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tattoo design for women

Sunday, November 11, 2012

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